Know your spending.

Know your spending.

Track what you spend with Pinch. Watch your monthly expenses and income automatically map to transactions that appear in your accounts.

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Zero Effort Budgeting.

Track Monthly Expenses

Watch recurring monthly expenses as they happen, and factor them in to your budget automatically

Track Income

Know when your paycheck hits and let it inform your spending

Track Savings

Easily keep track of how much money you put aside for a rainy day

Connect Multiple Accounts

Track your whole financial picture across mutliple checking, credit, and savings accounts

Watch Overspending

Never spend too much without knowing how much you have left after recurring expenses

Simpler Financial Picture

It's never been easier to see exactly where your money is going


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pinch different from Mint?

Mint's primary goal is to make money through paid partnerships - ever notice that most of the screen is just an ad? Mint wants you to swipe past as many ads as possible. Pinch, on the other hand, shows you all your relevant financial info in one screen, ad-free #ditchMint

Is it secure to link my accounts?

Pinch takes security seriously. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, and all bank data is handled through our 3rd party provider Plaid - the same provider used by Robinhood and Venmo. Put simply, Pinch is safer than most banks.

Can I get help from a real person?

Absolutely. Send an email to and let's figure out the problem!

How much does Pinch cost?

Try Pinch free for 10 days! After the trial, Pinch is $7.99 per month or $80 for an annual subscription.


How many accounts can I link?

Link as many as you have! Our goal is to show you your entire financial picture, and if it takes a few accounts to do that, then we're on board with that

How much work is Pinch to set up?

Compared to competitor apps, Pinch is far and away the simplest to use. You just initally set up your income, savings, and monthly expenses, and let us do the rest